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Watch a dude play Overwatch as Lúcio with a DJ Hero turntable

Lucio highlight

There is a small subsection of the internet obssessed with playing games incorrectly, with the wrong or entirely impractical controllers. Then there are true paragons of virtue like YouTuber WhyBeAre who has figured out how to play Lúcio in Overwatch with a DJ Hero turntable.

For the best Overwatch characters to play, see our bumper guide. Maybe try playing Winston with a Donkey Konga bongo?

Obviously there is no better controller suited to the virtual-record-spinning Brazilian DJ superstar, although the Overwatch game client doesn’t have these bindings by default for some reason.

There are a few flaws in the control binds, most notably a complete inability to aim up or down, jump or strafe. It’s not like you need to do two of those things to make use of any of Lúcio’s skills, though right? I mean who even uses wallride?

Also, when engaging speed mode you automatically walk forward because WhyBeAre couldn’t find a way to disable that, but also it kind of makes sense as you want to move quickly anyway.

See a whole round against medium AI below, which we won’t spoil the outcome of here, as well as an explanation of what each motion on the controller does.