Mark Wahlberg is in an Overwatch movie, but it’s not an Overwatch movie

mile 22 overwatch

There’s an upcoming film where an elite, secretive task force called Overwatch is tasked with a mission, and the fate of the world is tied to its success. Yet, astoundingly, this one doesn’t feature Tracer and Soldier: 76 – in their place, you’ll find Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey toting somewhat more current weaponry in these covert efforts.

No, Mile 22 doesn’t actually have anything to do with Blizzard’s hero shooter, but hearing trailers filled with lines like “we are Overwatch” still feels a little surreal. The trailers paint a picture of pretty solid action thriller – those martial arts sequences with Iko Uwais look especially hot – but it’s a little surprising nobody did a Google search before naming the organization at the center of it all “Overwatch.” Especially with plans for a full franchise on the way.

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But then, we live in a world where there’s a Mission Impossible sequel straight-up called Fallout, so I guess nobody in the movie or game industries cares about their counterparts at this point. And, in fairness, maybe we should give a few more nods to the XCOM reboot before putting Blizzard’s vision of Overwatch on a pedestal.

Check out a Mile 22 trailer here.

A proper Overwatch movie has been a frequent topic of speculation, with all those excellent animated shorts whetting appetites for a more substantial story set in the universe. Activision has expressed interest in just such a project, though there’s nothing concrete there yet. In the meantime, your best hope for a film about Overwatch is gritty modern thriller due out this August.