Unlock Genji’s Oni skin in Overwatch by partying up for a few Heroes of the Storm games

Oni Genji skin Overwatch

The lines between Blizzard’s games are further blurring as playing Heroes of the Storm between November 15 and January 4 will now earn an Oni skin for Overwatch’s Genji, as well as other rewards – if you bring a friend.

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Players partying up with a friend for 15 matches in co-op vs. AI, quick match, unranked draft or ranked mode between those two dates will earn the Oni skin as well as a portrait and spray of Genji’s demonic face. You’ll also unlock rewards in HotS itself, obviously, and who better to be gifted than fellow Overwatcher Zarya.

The HotS rewards don’t stop there, as if you keep that party train going for 30 games you’ll also unlock Auriel, Greymane, Kerrigan, Li-Ming, an Orochi Hovercycle Mount and a 30-day Stimpack for your troubles.

Seems like a good time to check out Heroes then, or maybe that’s just what theywant you to think?

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