Bug that stops Ana appearing in Overwatch’s new 1v1 mode to be fixed soon

Overwatch Ana

If you’ve been enjoying Overwatch’s new Arcade mode 1v1 but wondered why you never played as Ana, it’s because no-one was – but that’ll be fixed soon.

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In a forum post explaining why Lucio and Mercy are programmed out of the Duel Arcade mode, game director Jeff Kaplan also let slip that one of the game’s other healers had also been unfairly uninvited from the party.

“Also, we just discovered a bug that causes Ana to almost never show up in a 1v1 match (well, she has shown up twice since we patched),” Kaplan said. “That bug will be fixed soon so you’ll be seeing more of Ana.”

Lucio and Mercy will still remain ineligible for the mode, mostly because their healing skills kind of ruin the fun of a duel to the death.

We removed Lucio because the battles (if played a certain way) would always end in a draw,” Kaplan said. “Also, when we buffed Mercy, she ran into a similar situation.”

However there is hope if you’re a Lucio main that there’ll be a chance to show off your sick wall-riding skillz at some point in the future.

“We have some other ideas to solve these problems that we’re going to try in future iterations,” Kaplan said. “Hopefully, if those changes are successful, we can bring Lucio back.”

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