Overwatch badminton is the sport we’ll all be playing before too long

Overwatch badminton

If, in the unlikely event that you need a break from all the shooting and stabbing people in face that normally comes with a match of Overwatch, have you considered badminton? I don’t mean regular badminton, with weird feathery projectiles and shorts that are definitely too short, but rather a future version of the sport that includes grenade launchers and katanas. 

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A group of Korean Overwatch players are the creators of this significantly more entertaining badminton spin-off. In a private match, four Genjis duke it out in a game of doubles, with Junkrat providing his explosive projectiles in lieu of a shuttlecock, while two Mercys use their healing rays to simulate a net.

Definitely a future sport worth keeping an eye on.

Cheers, PC Gamer.