Overwatch earned $269 million in May while Battleborn earned $18 million, says analyst | PCGamesN

Overwatch earned $269 million in May while Battleborn earned $18 million, says analyst


According to digital research firm Superdata, Overwatch made an estimated $269 million in digital revenue across all platforms in May, despite only releasing a week before the end of the month. 

Which of the hero shooters do you think deserves a place on our list of PC's best FPS games.

On PC, Overwatch topped the charts, followed by Doom, CS:GO, Dark Souls 3 and Minecraft. According to the report, Overwatch has also seen massive success on streaming services, securing its place as the fifth most commonly streamed title. 

Superdata also reference Overwatch's monetisation strategy which relies on the sale of loot boxes and cosmetic items, suggesting these could have played a part in the shooter's financial success. 

"Despite not being free-to-play, Overwatch is rolling out a long-term monetisation strategy by offering a hefty quantity of vanity items, including skins and graffiti tags," Superdata said. 

The firm also revealed that Overwatch's competitor, Battleborn, pulled in an estimated $18 million, despite only being released three weeks previously. 

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Autism Avatar
1 Year ago

[wake me up inside]

aidenvillareal Avatar
1 Year ago

help me I'm diying

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

This is hardly surprising.

Battleborn: A progressive roster of diverse, genuinely clever and original characters meant to appeal to underserved minorities. (Yes, even Oscar Mike, which becomes apparent not just from his lore but every time he opens his mouth. Also he is a shark-man.)

Overwatch: Pseudo-intellectual emo edgelords, lovers of submissive 'waifus,' and alpha male wannabes unite!

It's not hard to see which the biggest audience is going to be, is it? That's like wondering why The Crystal Maze has lower ratings than the latest footy game.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
1 Year ago

Can I sprinkle you on my food because your salt is DELICIOUS

Scionyde Avatar
1 Year ago

I swear, 90% of the reason I clicked on this article was to laugh at the inevitable butthurt and self-delusion that would inevitably come from everybody's favorite Wolf.

Hell, I played and actually loved Battleborn's open beta. But let's be honest about their character roster - it's Gearbox doing what Gearbox does: going for the whole "teh random" style of design interspersed with an overly-generous dose of memes.

「Reviire」 Avatar
1 Year ago

Yes, because a game is good just because it's "progressive". Fuck off mate, people play for the gameplay. It's a bad game.