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Overwatch heroes burning to death sound surprisingly horny

Overwatch's latest round of voice samples sure are something

Overwatch fans ascribe a lot of sex appeal to the characters that’s only occasionally justified by the game’s actual content. Sure, Lifeguard McCree is a tremendous hunk of digital flesh, but anything more than that is the realm of fan art and SFM productions. With the latest update, though, Blizzard might just be in on it.

The Torbjorn rework gives the turret-builder a new ultimate that launches globs of molten lava. Those explode into pools that deal damage over time, with bonus damage to armour. That’s live for testing on the PTR, and it seems all the heroes have new voice lines to express the pain associated with being burned to death in literal lava.

But it sounds less like they’re on fire and more like they’re in the fiery throes of passion. You can see – or rather hear – for yourself in the video below, but it’s tough to unhear. Symmetra and Genji are perhaps the most egregious examples. Maybe it’ll work better in the final mix with all the other noises going around, but regardless, fan film makers have some new material to work with.

Fair warning – put your headphones on before clicking play if you’re likely to be overheard.

I’d like to offer a special shout out to Lucio for actually conveying the idea of the excruciating pain of being burned alive. The Torbjorn rework is available for play on the PTR, allowing him to drop his hot load – of lava – as necessary.