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Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland update - all the Christmas skins, emotes, modes and maps

Overwatch Winter Wonderland update

Overwatch’s long-predicted Christmas event, Winter Wonderland, starts today. Along with some wintery skins, emotes and highlight intros, what else can we expect from Winter Wonderland? We’ve compiled a list of everything included below, so there’s no need to wonder anymore. Oh, and keep scrolling down after the official stuff if you want to laugh at our very accurate and well drawn guesses of what we’ll receive in our loot boxes.

Check the Overwatch winter music and voice lines datamined recently.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland release time

It’s live right now!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland update:

Christmas skins and cosmetics:

  • Epic Skins:
    • Andes Lucio

Andes Lucio

    • Scrooge McCree

Scrooge McCree

    • Mei-rry Mei

Mei-rry Mei

    • Frostbite Pharah

Frostbite Pharah

    • Shiver Reaper

Shiver Reaper

    • Rudolph Roadhog

Rudolph Roadhogg

    • Peppermint Sombra

Peppermint Sombra

    • Frosted Zarya

Frosted Zarya

  • Legendary Skins:
    • Santaclad Torbjorn

Santaclad Torbjorn

    • Jingle Tracer

Jingle Tracer

    • Yeti Winston

Yeti Winston

    • Nutcracker Zenyatta

Nutcracker Zenyatta

  • Emotes:
    • McCree – Hat Trick
    • Mei – Snowman
    • Zarya – Mystery Gift
  • Highlight Intros:
    • Symmetra – Snowflakes
    • Widowmaker – Under the Mistletoe

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Mei’s Snowball Offensive

Mei’s Snowball Offensive takes players to Ecopoint Antarctica where everyone plays as Mei and there are no respawns. Your weapon is charged with a single snowball, so you have to make each shot count. You can only reload by hoovering up snow piles with a right click, which you must be stationary for, setting you up for a snowball in the face. It’s pretty tense!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland maps

King’s Row:

King's Row



Ecopoint Antarctica:

Ecopoint Antarctica

Previously to all these official announcements, we did have our own predictions of our own…


It’s Christmas, which means it’s time to celebrate, even in Overwatch. Everyone’s gifting each other bullets, explosions and weird orbs all the time, it’s time for something much nicer:

Torbjorn Christmas skin

Tracebjorn by Phil

Torb’s looking pretty good in Tracer’s get-up, it surprisingly suits him. He doesn’t seem too pleased about it, but when is he. We like to picture the turret as a giant rotating Tracer pistol that does the spin when it reloads and everything. It’s sort’ve horrifying.

Soldier: 76 christmas skin

Widow76 by Alice

Widowmaker doesn’t like Christmas, so she’s on holiday. Lovely old Mr. Morrison offered to cover her standing around looking imposing duties, but needed to get into the right silhouette. He’s okay with it.

Three Kings from Pharah

Three kings from a-Pharahby Tim and Sarah

“Myrrh from above!” Pharah screams, her regal cape getting caught in the extending wing-thrusters of the Raptora Mark VI. She dispenses three packets of incense before a candy cane thrown by one of the other party-goers knocks off her paper hat from out of the cracker. She spends the rest of Christmas lunch sulking.

Good guys

A very traditional Christmas at Overwatch HQ – everyone has a nice time until auntie Ana shows up after one too many and starts telling war stories. Green-arm-kid loves it.

Tracer Christmas skin

Reindeer Tracer by Keiran

It’s a low-effort year for Tracer, but life is easy when you’re such a natural fit into your costume. Calling herself the 14th, 15th and 16th Reindeer all in one, she sadly still doesn’t do any damage when she blinks into people.

Winston Christmas skin

Santa Winston by Matt

Winston is effectively the dad of Overwatch (Jack’s busy out of the house, as we’ve discussed), and he’s unwilling to admit to anyone that Santa isn’t real. Debate rages regularly as to whether this is because he met him on the moon.

Zenyatta Christmas skin

Christmas Tree Zenyatta by Jordan

The 25th is just any other day of the year for ol’ Zen, so he uses it to catch up on lost sleep. He doesn’t realise that this involves everyone else hanging decorations on him and replacing his orbs with baubles while he accidentally projects a 24 hour serenity iris. He does have really good dreams about it though.

Adorable Snow-Mei

The Adorable Snow-Meiby Chris, age 27

Obviously there’s nothing abominable about sweet, innocent Mei. Using her powers of cryomancy to fashion a snow replica of herself is completely normal. Complete with eyes as dark as coal – because they are coal – and a strawberry for the nose. Evil has never looked sweeter.

Bad guys

It’s too cold to cause chaos in Winter, so Talon ‘n’ friends have to busy themselves, at least for one day.

Reaper Christmas skin

Scrooge Reaper by Rich

Reaper keeps his mask on all Christmas because he doesn’t want anyone to know that he enjoys it just a bit. He has been wearing the same hat for the occasion every year the past thirty and the one time it went missing, well, only Angela seems to know what happened that day.

Roadhog Christmas skin

Puddin’ Hog by Kelly

Christmas is the only day when Roadhog gets to actually wear something that isn’t mud or a giant fish. He adores it. He’s hoping Junkrat will get him another crown this year, because he got Junkrat that mine covering he’s been just dying for. NB: Roadhog is not edible.

Anyway, that’s what we got back from Blizzards servers. All looks legit to us – but if you’ve heard of any more, let us know below.