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Overwatch comic has dragons, smashes them

Overwatch comic Reinhardt

The second issue of Blizzard’s Overwatch comic has been published online, allowing you another glimpse into the hero shooter’s colourful universe. In the spotlight this time is Reinhardt, who handily lives up to the title of ‘dragonslayer’. 

The comics are great for backstory, but to find out what these guys do in the game you need our Overwatch character guide

The ten page story sees Reinhardt walk into a village haunted by dragons, which naturally our hero plays a major part in exterminating. Cue the use of various abilities and the forging of some badass armour that protects from bitey and fiery attacks. 

All in all there will be six Overwatch digital comics, plus two more animated shorts. If you’ve not seen the short film “Recall”, starring monkey man Winston, then you’re certainly missing out.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I like dragons! But then... I'm not exactly into or fond of Overwatch. So I guesses that balances out!

Are they actually dragons though or just wyverns which have been relabelled as dragons? Which happens only because people are unable to comprehend that in a reality that has magic as a font you don't need a reason beyond that for hexapodal creatures. Well, that and wyverns would have just as much of a problem existing in reality due to pulmonary concerns, and having a batlike shape has no ability to impede that, they'd still have a heart attack the moment they stood up in our reality. Gravity, you know?

Often, hearing people talk about the 'realism of dragons' is like listening to Musk talking about AI. It's embarrassing and leads to a lot of facepalming and thinking that people need to watch less TV and read more books. Musk included. There's a whole mess of reasons why an AI couldn't become Skynet.


I'm sorry, I was venting, I'll stop now. I do wonder whether it has dragons or dr-wyverns, though. But I'm not invested in Overwatch enough to check.