The Overwatch devs are tweeting out photos of their community crowdfunded cookies

Overwatch cookie crowdfunding

Update December 21, 2016: The cookies have arrived and they look like a bit more than just cookies, to be honest. We’re pretty jealous at PCGN. Nobody crowdfunds us cookies, but then we didn’t develop one of the best videogames of 2016. 

All over Twitter, Overwatch developers have been popping up to show off their tasty snacks, as well as to highlight how brilliant their community can be. Have a look below for some photos, but be warned: you will be hungry after.

To hear Ben’s own grinchy nit-picking, have a listen to the latest episode of Overwatch This.

Update December 16, 2016:The Overwatch community have done it. They’ve successfully raised just under a grand so they can deliver tasty cookies straight into the mouths of hungry Blizzard developers.

In fact, because the Indigogo was a flexi goal, they’ve surpassed the original $625 target by over $100.

The person who set it up isn’t sure how to deal with this occurrence; do they donate the extra cash to charity, or do they just buy more cookies? Should they buy them now to ensure the delicious, biscuity treats are there for Christmas, or should they stockpile them and send them all in a massive batch once funding is done?It’s quite the predicament.

I say they should use the extra money to deliver them via a drone, straight into the developer’s faces, so they don’t even need to stop pumping out lovely new character skins.

Original Story December 16, 2016: Christmas is about giving and food. In that spirit, the Overwatch Reddit community has begun an IndieGoGo to send cookies to the entire Overwatch development team at Blizzard HQ. The fundraising began after one user commented on how great the team – and particularly game director Jeff Kaplan – had been at responding to feedback, particularly small-but-loud complaints regarding the new Christmas event.

The IndieGoGo is aiming for $625 and has already reached $430 from 53 folks over the course of a few hours. The Overwatch team is roughly 100 people according to semi-recent posts, and cookies are about $2.50 a pop. Creator Fitzbuhn thinks 250 should provide a reasonable snack for the team.

Debate is ongoing as to where to get the cookies. HiHaterslol, who originally proposed the scheme in a thread about Kaplan’s quick response to drama around Mei’s new legendary skin, lives nearby the Blizzard campus and has recommended Nothing Bundt Cakes, a nearby store. It comes highly recommended, apparently.

Usefully, Blizzard also recently provided a PO Box for sending Christmas items to decorate their trees. This probably wasn’t the use they were intending for it, but surprise is important in the festive period too.

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