The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks just gave their players Overwatch-style intros

"Lucio highlight"

There are a lot of similarities between Overwatch and basketball, when you really think about it. For one thing, aim is crucial. So are timing and learning how to work as a team. The professional scene is defined by an attachment to a local team, and a penchant for colourful skins. So it’s no surprise that someone would eventually create a crossover between the two.

Reddit user thankstowlie has worked on producing the Dallas Mavericks’ in-game media for the past five years. After spending two of those years asking for permission, the Maverick’s social media team has allowed them to put together an Overwatch video featuring some of their players, which they posted to Reddit last night (you can check it out further down this article).

Maverwatch is a crossover featuring six Mavericks players performing the ultimate abilities of a bunch of characters from Blizzard’s FPS. Power Forward Dirk Nowitzki features as Soldier: 41 (riffing off his jersey number), while center DeAndre Jordan pulls off a powerful block thanks to Lucio’s Sound Barrier and Harrison Barnes secures three points thanks to ‘McThree’ and his High Noon ability.

Elsewhere, Dennis Smith Jr features as Pharah to pull off an explosive slam dunk, and Luka Doncic (who plays Overwatch in real life) shows up as Junkrat. A particular highlight is Wesley Matthews’ Hanzo ult, although it’s a shame that he couldn’t be talked into using the original voice line.

I do in-game media for the Dallas Mavericks and after two years of asking they finally let me do an Overwatch video! Please enjoy MAVERWATCH! from r/Overwatch

You can check out the video in the post embedded above. If you fancy another gaming/NBA crossover, you might enjoy Boston Celtic small forward Gordon Hayward’s LEague of Legends crossovers. The player featured in a LoL-themed ESPN video back in 2015, before starring in his own video created by Riot earlier this year, in which he was reimagined as his signature champion, Tryndamere, during his rehabilitation from an injury sustained during a match.

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