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The correct way to play Doomfist isn’t with a mouse and keyboard - it’s with a boxing glove

Doomfist abilities

It’s now a tradition to play Overwatch with the most absurd but apt controller possible. It hasn’t taken long for one person to find the controller of choice for Doomfist: a boxing glove. At least a boxing glove could actually be a weapon, unlike Lúcio’s turntable.

Don’t recognise Doomfist? That’s because he’s only just been revealed – here’s what he does.

Like many of the weird Overwatch controllers, this comes from user ATwerkinYoshi on reddit, where he posted a short video from his stream. Using a Wii Nunchuck in the left hand, the right hand is a boxing glove with a Wiimote embedded, complete with motion controls for each of Doomfist’s abilities. Do an uppercut to, well, uppercut, pull back to use his Rocket Punch, and so on. You can check out the video below.

As fun as the gameplay looks, just watch ATwerkinYoshi’s (we’re sorry that we have to keep saying ATwerkinYoshi) face – the shock at this actually working in the training stage is wonderful.

For a more complete explanation of how it works, plus a closeup of the boxing glove, he’s put together a short gallery on Imgur of this controller. I kinda want to play Doomfist like this now.