See Overwatch Genji’s katana, shurikens and Reinhardt’s rocket hammer made in real life

Overwatch dragonblade

Ahh Genji, he’s pretty cool for someone who’s essentially dead, eh? He’s a blend of the old and the new: the traditional idea of a Japanese ninja character, albeit encased in modern tech that gives him an advantage in combat. In recreating his sword, the Dragonblade, Man At Arms also had to approach it by blending the old with the new.

Which weapons from our best PC games feature would you like to see remade?

They shaped the blade using traditional forging techniques, and then they used a computer to digitally plan out the green lighting that runs its way up the edge of the sword.

It’s basically some LEDs sat underneath some plexi glass, with a power supply embedded in the hilt, but it sure looks the part. Check out its creation and demonstration, along with that of Genji’s shuriken, embedded above.

If that’s not enough, the Hacksmith has also made Reinhardt’s rocket hammer, rockets and all. It’s kind of amazing.

Check out its creation below:

The only problem with the hammer is it’s a teeny bit unwieldy unless you’re built like Reinhardt. The rockets probably don’t help.

Anyway, who wants to see it smash up a car? I got you:

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