Plan your viewing of DreamHack Winter’s Overwatch tournament with this event schedule

Overwatch DreamHack Winter

If you are set to watch some eSports this weekend, tuning into the Overwatch finals at DreamHack Winter over in Sweden may be the best way to start your Saturday. After some delays yesterday, the action is now underway on DreamHack’s dedicated Overwatch stream.

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If you are just tuning in today, don’t worry about missing any matches. It seems that DreamHack ran into problems getting the event to run on time yesterday but with Blizzard’s help, the whole event is scheduled to finish today. We’ve asked for details as to what caused the delay but have yet to hear back.

Here is the stream schedule for today (times are in GMT +1):

10:50 Stream Start
11:00 Group B Losers
12:15 Group B Winners
13:30 Group B Decider
15:00 Group A Decider
16:30 Semi Final 1
18:45 Semi Final 2
21:00 Grand Final

The only real change to the schedule are the Group B morning games, with the schedule returning to normal in time for Semi-Finals. With the Hearthstone, DOTA 2 and CS:GO finals coming to a close today as well, there is plenty of PC eSports action to sink your teeth this Saturday.

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