The Overwatch team has fan art “all over the walls”

Overwatch fan art

If there’s one certainty in this world it’s that the Overwatch community is an incredibly talented one. Head to Reddit, Tumblr, or one of the many community gathering spots and you’ll see all sorts of homages to Blizzard’s massive shooter, including amazing cosplays, comic strips, memes, and beautiful pieces of artwork.

If you’re a contributor to this ever-growing collection, you can be safe in the knowledge that your work is being seen and admired by the Overwatch team. In fact, your art may even be on the walls at Blizzard HQ. 

Overwatch’s hero designer Geoff Goodman explains to us as part of a roundtable chat how amazed he has been by the fan reaction to the game’s characters and world. “I’ve been blown away by just the amount of fan art,” he says. “I thought there would be some, because in other games I see it, but I had no idea the amount that would be. It’s amazing and relentless.”

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 “There were people cosplaying our characters the very next day after we announced [Overwatch at Blizzcon 2014],” assistant game director Aaron Keller says. “And the incredible thing is that it continues.”

Keller went on to explain that the quality of the fan art is so good that the team decorates the Blizzard studio with printed copies of it.

“We print them out, we put them all over the walls,” Keller says. “I hope the community knows that we appreciate it so much that we are putting it up on the walls. We’re sending them out in emails every day. It’s incredibly gratifying.”

The Overwatch team test the the game twice daily, and the email alerting the developers about the 6pm test always comes accompanied by a fresh piece of fan art. So if you’ve produced something recently, your artwork may well be attached to the next Overwatch test email. Pretty neat, eh?