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“I play like 16-17 hours per day,” claims Reaper main who hit level 1000 in Overwatch

Nvidia Overwatch Reaper

Update September 9, 2016: The man responsible for what’s perhaps the world’s first solo level 1000 Overwatch account has revealed some insight into his methods, which are basically: play a lot. 

Tazzerk has opened 1000 loot boxes during his time playing Overwatch, and that time is substantial he claims, saying he spends between 16-17 hours most days playing the shooter.

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“I’ve almost 1000 hours on Overwatch,” he told Eurogamer. “I play like 16-17 hours per day – except sometimes.”

When we wrote the original article below, we had him pegged for a bit less time than that. After all, 16 hours per day for the 107 days Overwatch has been out equals 1712 hours. Earlier this week, his MasterOverwatch/Overbuff accounts showed 607 hours, which works out to around six hours a day. Perhaps they only track in-game time and he spends a lot of time in menus or something.

When asked about his daily routine by Eurogamer, he clamped up, but he says he did it because he “loves Overwatch and the challenge”.

It turns out he might not actually be the world’s first, however. There is another.A different player has been spotted on the Asian servers with a gold player portrait (level 1300) and a star underneath (level 1400), which is considerably higher.

Tazzerk says that doesn’t count though, as it’s probably a shared account. “For me, I’m ‘legit’ world first,” he explained, “because the Chinese player is a shared account for sure.”

Original Story September 4, 2016: French player TaZzeRK has become the first player to hit level 1000 in Overwatch’s pretty much meaningless measure of how long you’ve been playing the game for.

The trick to gaining a sweet-looking profile badge is to play at least six-and-a-half hours every day since launch, maining Reaper for 2,156 games and only ever playing Lúcio once.

I mean, obviously it would be a Reaper main to be the first to 1000 – it was either that or a Genji or Widow – but luckily for us lowly mortals with pesky commitments that pull us away from our PC for longer than a quarter of every single day, it appears three solid weeks of gametime doesn’t make you a superhuman.

After 640 hours in game, TaZzeRK still holds a fairly average win rate of 55% on all offensive heroes, his most played by a landslide, though does have some solid Reinhardt and Roadhog stats to back him up.

It does make some sense to go all in on Reaper, the elimination involvement and self-healing from souls must contribute to a good number of medals per round, letting you farm XP efficiently.

Still, we’d rather not be matchmade against his shiny player portrait, that many stars and fronds are intimidating enough.