First Overwatch player to hit 1800 solo played 16-17 hours a day


A French Overwatch player has become (probably) the first in the world to unlock the game’s final portrait border – which happens at level 1,800 – without sharing accounts to do it.

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Overwatch’s experience-based leveling system offers no real rewards apart from a loot box at each level and a prettier, more intricate border for your character portrait every ten levels. (Some folk on Reddit managed to dig them all out, if you’d like to take a look.)

Blizzard have only designed so many borders, and it so happens that the most advanced right now unlocks at level 1,800. You can keep leveling beyond this, but you’ll get no visual recognition. Hence, 1,800 has come to be seen as a bit of a landmark.

It has been reached already, but only by players sharing one account so they can play constantly. This weekend, French player TaZzeRK became the first in the world to do it solo. Here’s his celebratory Tweet:

TaZzeRK chats with his awed fans in a thread beneath the Tweet, explaining how he was able to manage this. He explains that he isn’t working at the moment, and thus was able to play “16-17 hours” a day.

Here’s his stat profile on Master Overwatch. He’s played a total of 11,913 games (at time of writing), totalling 1,484 hours of game time. Besides his impressive experience level, TaZzeRK can also boast an impressive skill rating of 3,021. This puts him in low Diamond, and the top 13% in his region. He mains Roadhog, clocking 636 hours with the off-tank.

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