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Overwatch players demand a Jeff Kaplan spray

Blizzard needs to address Overwatch's biggest issue - the lack of a Jeff Kaplan spray

When videogame fans get serious, they start petitions – an always-effective means of making a demand that always gets results. Overwatch fans have just started one such campaign, demanding that a spray of Jeff “from the Overwatch team” Kaplan be added to the game. The thread that spawned this now has over 4,000 upvotes on Reddit, and we’re reporting on it, so I think that makes it canon.

Redditor Torbdor says we need “an in game spray where you see a picture of Jeff from his developer updates.” He adds that “this is like a must and don’t know why it’s not on here already. Need to get this to the top so his holiness sees it. He’s not the hero we want he’s the one we deserve.”

The thread has plenty of support already, and lots of people have poured in related demands. Another poster has provided a concept of what such a spray might look like, as you can see above. Many suggest that we need a “this is Jeff from the Overwatch team” voice line. One person says we need every character in the game doing an impression of that line. (I’m inclined to agree.)

We also need a voice line of that time Jeff said he was going to fix toxicity no matter “how many asses I have to spank.” (He didn’t actually say that.) I’d love something referencing the adjective supercut, too.

Listen up, Blizzard. Overwatch fans will no longer stand for this – there just aren’t enough Jeff Kaplan memes.