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Jetpack Cat is finally in Overwatch - as part of a victory pose

Brigitte's Toast victory pose gives us another bit of hope about Jetpack Cat in Overwatch

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is back for 2018, and it brings us yet another maddening tease for Jetpack Cat. Yes, Blizzard is once again referencing a hero that it suggests is too silly for actual inclusion in Overwatch. But listen, folks – we live in a post-hamster-in-a-mech-ball world. The eventual inclusion of Jetpack Cat is only a matter of time.

The new event brings us an array of new cosmetics, including a line of ‘toast’ victory poses that have a selection of heroes enjoying beverages in celebration of the holidays. Tracer has a tea cup. Moira has a fancy glass of hot chocolate. Doomfist has a shot glass. Reaper has a plain, empty coffee mug. Junkrat has fast food soda cup.

But Brigitte has a cat-shaped mug. As Veronika Rodriguez brought to Twitter’s attention, it’s built in the image of Brigitte’s own family cat – the same cat that was outfitted with a jetpack in her origin video, and the one whose jetpack concept appeared among the blueprints that teased Brigitte’s original arrival. Hope for Jetpack Cat remains alive – and hero 30 has a lot of expectations to meet.

Oh, and just in case you weren’t convinced that this mug is really Jetpack Cat from the image above, let’s take a closer look.

Computer, rotate. Enhance.

Stay tuned for further Overwatch updates. In the meantime, keep saying “Jetpack Cat confirmed” until you and Blizzard both believe it. It has to happen – and it is just about time for a holiday miracle.