The Overwatch League begins in Q3 2017

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Overwatch’s eSports global director, Nate Nanzer, held an interview in Korea today to talk about the Overwatch League. One of the biggest takeaways was the start date – the league will kick off in Q3 2017. 

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“We’ll start the 2017 season within Q3,” said Nanzer in the interview, via Reddit. “During this period, there will be a lot of acquiring players and forming new teams, so the league will be a compact form. However, from 2018, we will be able to provide regular seasons with consistent schedule.

“At the start, it will be held in major stadiums in some regions and, with enough teams and infrastructure, you will be able to enjoy OW league being played in home stadiums. Also, the final match of the Overwatch league will not be BlizzCon – it will be held in a new city every year.”

While it will be a region-based league, there are no boundaries in region or nationality when it comes to players. Same goes for gender.

To give players some added stability, there will be no relegations once a team is included in the league. Salaries will be put together via fair profit sharing, and Blizzard aren’t ruling out in-game DLC Overwatch players can buy to support their favourite teams.

As for other in-game stuff, Blizzard will be making the game more eSports friendly. Bigger health bars, so spectators can more easily follow the game, are high on the agenda.

Read the full interview on Reddit.