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Reinhardt and Brigitte feature in fan-made Overwatch short Lion’s Return


Overwatch’s cinematics are some of its community high-points, opportunities for Blizzard to delve into the lore of the game’s roster of heroes, and, more often than not, find ways to introduce new characters to their FPS. But while Overwatch’s developer has so far always opted for an animated approach, one group of fans has put together their own live-action Overwatch short.

Lion’s Return is a short film put together by Think Big Studios, documenting a fan’s interpretation of how Reinhardt made his way into the world of the game. Set in the character’s signature map, the Bavarian-themed Eichenwalde, the video (which you can check out further down this article) opens to Tracer and Soldier 76 investigating the town.

It doesn’t take long before they stumble upon Brigitte, Torbjorn’s daughter and Reinhardt’s god-daughter. From there, the video is a pretty fast-paced adventure through an decent chunk of Overwatch’s roster – Widowmaker and Reaper show up to cause trouble, while Mercy, D.Va and Sombra all make brief appearances over the course of the video.

The return of two of those characters right at the end (as well as a charming cameo from Papa Jeff himself) implies that Think Big might have another film in the works, so it might be worth keeping an eye on them if you fancy more live-action Overwatch.

You can check out the entire thing for yourself over on YouTube. Elsewhere in Overwatch, Jetpack Cat has finally made it into the game, while Winter Wonderland has returned to the game in its most recent patch – just in time for Christmas.

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