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Nailed it! This Overwatch Lucio trickjumping montage ups the tempo


Some Overwatch players just make you sick, don’t they? Here’s me jumping between like six characters I’m alright with and there’s them, mastering a single character until they’re so good they’re almost unstoppable.

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Lucio is one of those characters I never really gelled with, personally. I just can’t get the hang of using him, but this trickjumping montage video embedded above is enough to make me want to give him another go.

In the video, YouTuber PlasmaNapkin shows off their acrobatic skills with Lucio, skirting the edge of the maps, reaching out-of-bounds areas, finding new vantage points and generally taunting death itself.

It might initially seem like showboating, but it genuinely opens up some interesting Lucio plays, with the DJ popping up from somewhere unexpected and booping the enemy into oblivion.