How Overwatch was born in two weeks – watch what we learned from Jeff Kaplan’s GDC talk

Overwatch Making Of

Jeff Kaplan’s great talk at GDC gave a lot of information on how Overwatch was put together, its development process and even a tidbit or two about Project Titan. It’s also fairly intricate, and so we’ve recorded another special episode of Overwatch This to dedicate to the making of Overwatch.

For the unfolding story of Overwatch’s Efi Oladele check our dedicated post.

The discussion of the making of goes like this:

  • How Blizzard challenged Team 4 to come up with a new game in six weeks and dreamed up Overwatch in just two
  • The parallels between the team’s unfortunately state and hopeful future with the game’s universe
  • How this all ties into Efi, Anchora, Athena and whoever else is on their way – even since recording a few hours ago, things have already changed.

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