Overwatch streamer plays as Symmetra using a microwave

Symmetra evil

Remember all those videos of people playing Dark Souls with all kinds of arcane objects, bashing through the Undead Burg with a Guitar Hero accessory and the like? Well one streamer has just showed his skills off when playing as Symmetra, using a microwave to place turrets, hook up teleport pads and to shoot his enemies directly in the face.

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Why a microwave? “Because Symmetra uses microwaves, or something… that’s the best I’ve got,” revealsRudeism (aka Dylan), during his madcap stream. This is the same guy who recently played as Winston using bananas. Yes, bananas.

We’ve also seen another streamer play as Lucio using a DJ turntable.

You can see Dylan rig up the microwave during the first part of the video above. Then, at the1:49:28 mark, you can watch his attempts to play, starting off in the practice range before jumping online and cooking up a storm.

Thanks, Polygon.

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