Misfits claim victory over Fnatic at the DreamHack Winter Overwatch Championship

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Winning game five with just a minute and 30 seconds to spare, Misfits claimed victory at the first Overwatch Championship and this year’s DreamHack Winter. The team edged out fellow Europeans Fnatic in a tense final series, who had previously lost to Misfits in the group stages of the tournament 2-1.

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Misfits made their way to Grand Finals after a 3-1 win over compLexity Gaming while Fnatic narrowly defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-2 in order to gain the rematch with Misfits for the title of DreamHack Winter champions.

The momentum was constantly shifting during this Grand Finals, with Fnatic edging out a game one victory on Temple of Anubis, just for Misfits to fire back in game two on Nepal, with a three round sweep after Fnatic took the first round.

Game three would see Misfits storming through Fnatic’s defence on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, pushing through their defensive line with less than a minute left on the clock. Misfits would then go on to shut out Fnatic when it was their turn to defend, putting them 2-1 up heading into game four.

Fnatic did rally themselves on Hollywood, narrowly stopping Misfits from capturing the Goldshire Studios checkpoint before they themselves successfully capturing the checkpoint and forcing the Grand Finals to a game five situation.

With Fnatic seemingly having the momentum going into this final round of the set, they were unable to smash through Misfits’ defensive walls on the second checkpoint of Dorado, giving Misfits the opportunity to rally together and push for their eventual victory.

Elsewhere in the eSports onslaught at DreamHack Winter, Gambit Gaming were crowned CS:GO championships after coming all the way from the lower bracket to beat Renegades 2-0 in Grand Finals. Renegades had previously triumphed over Gambit in the winners’ side of Group B, but was unable to put down the British team, losing 16-12 game one and then 16-10 game two.

In Hearthstone, Mitsuhide from the Netherlands beat Sweden’s Weghuz, with another Blizzard game going to game five in Grand Finals. The Dutchman’s Secret Hunter deck conquered the Swede’s Control Warrior, forcing Weghuz to concede in the face of Mitsuhide’s masterful trap control and constant answers to anything the Warrior put on the board.

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