Overwatch Uprising returns in April, likely adding a Blackwatch mission with McCree and Genji

overwatch mission archives uprising blackwatch

Something is happening in Overwatch on April 10. The official account just tweeted that date along with a video mentioning the Overwatch Mission Archives and King’s Row Uprising. The easy guess is that last year’s Uprising event will return in a little less than two weeks, but there seems to be quite a bit more to the story than that.

Here’s what’s new in the Overwatch 1.22 patch notes.

A brief glitch in the footage turns the date from 7 to 8 years ago, and a Blackwatch logo shows up in the background. That’s enough to suggest we’re getting we’re getting a new, Blackwatch-themed event in addition to the return of Uprising, and the “Overwatch Mission Archives” branding would suggest as much. Last year, Jeff Kaplan told us of Uprising that “even if we were to do some new stuff, there’s a lot of players who never got to experience the original Uprising content, so we need to bring that back for them as well.”

It’s looking increasingly likely that this “new stuff” will feature Genji and McCree during their Blackwatch days, with the new event set in Dorado. Blizzard recently commissioned a new mural in Melbourne featuring the two characters in this location, and the timeline of the event lines up with that speculation. It’s certainly a bizarrely specific mural design if it’s not meant to tease the event.

Of course, none of this is yet confirmed, but I know where I’m placing my bets. We’ll find out for sure on April 10.