Activision would like “very much” to make an Overwatch movie

overwatch movie

You may have heard that Overwatch is quite popular. Part of that popularity stems from its beloved cast of characters, many of whom have starred in their own Pixar-style animated shorts. A movie in a similar style would seem like an obvious next step for the franchise.

Maybe some more of the best FPS games on PC could translate into big movies.

It turns out, Activision Blizzard agree. Consumer products division boss Tim Kilpin tells MCV that with regards to an Overwatch movie, “we would like that very much.”

Obviously that’s far from a conclusive announcement, but it lines up with Activision’s other moves to expand their franchises beyond videogames. The Call of Duty film – and subsequent cinematic universe – is still in development, and Kilpin says “if it’s done well it has the opportunity to expand the base audience, beyond the traditional foundation that the game appeals to.”

That sort of appeal beyond the game is something Overwatch already has plenty of, between comics, animated shorts, and extensive fan art communities. You might imagine the company would be skittish of another Blizzard film after the cold response to the Warcraft, but remember that even that film managed to redeem itself in Chinese box offices.

Of course, all sorts of licensed films die at various points of production, and Activision aren’t even passed the ‘we think it’s a good idea’ point to actual, concrete action on the film. But maybe if we keep talking about it enough, we can will the project into existence.