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Here’s how Overwatch patch 1.7’s kill feed update works

Overwatch patch 1.7

Overwatch patch 1.7 is currently in the PTR, testing out Roadhog, D.Va and Ana nerfs, multi-sprays, an emote wheel, and plenty more. One small change might have passed you by, however: a small update to the kill feed. 

Overwatch is – we think – one of the best multiplayer games on PC. Why not read about a few others?

Overwatch’s kill feed now looks nicer and gives more information, but you might not initially realise how to read it.

That’s why we’ve put together a video for you, laying it all out. It’s embedded above, so have a watch.

As you can see, normal kills are now represented by a white arrow, while critical hits are shown as a red arrow. Elsewhere there are symbols for ults – backed by a lightning effect – and there are some specific to certain characters.

All in all, it should make the battle easier to read, letting advanced players know exactly when to strike.

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