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Overwatch players are reporting game-breaking bugs since the Ashe update

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Despite what you may have read in a comment section, developing and maintaining an ever-changing online multiplayer game isn’t easy! Overwatch players have reported some fairly severe bugs affecting the public test region prior to the latest patch, but now it seems problems are affecting the game’s live servers.

The problems reported have stopped players from entering games, with many players complaining that they are unable to even load the game’s menu before it becomes stuck on the geometric loading background. Since the live Ashe patch hit yesterday, a thread on the official Overwatch forums has received over 130 replies of PC and PS4 players reporting similar issues.

Developer, Bill Wanecke issued a workaround, that has allowed some players to regain access to the game, by adding an additional command line in the Blizzard Desktop client. While this temporary solution has worked for some, others are still reporting issues.

There are also players who have been suspended from competitive play due to the issues and have lost SR and endorsement ranks. As such, there are some understandably salty comments still cropping up on the thread.

One player even went so far as to upload his ongoing issues with the game to YouTube, displaying a bizarre bug that is not only stopping him from accessing matches, but also limiting his character choice in the Practise Range to Tracer and Soldier 76 (the heroes used in Overwatch’s tutorial).

We have not encountered the bug at the time of writing so cannot verify it’s severity.