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Overwatch recruits Soldier: 76, a super soldier with real aim

Overwatch Soldier: 76

In Blizzard’s latest videos to show off the characters of Overwatch, we get our first introduction to Soldier: 76. A man of unknown name, age, and affiliation. He spends his days as a vigilante, and has a sweet holographic visor that helps him nail goons to the wall with accuracy and style.

Rather than a full match video as in previous character introductions, Soldier: 76 has been given this much more digestible three mini videos. They easily help us discover his heavy pulse rifle, his special burst of helix rockets for small radius attacks, his healing biotic field, and the tactical visor ability that locks on to targets for pin-point accuracy.

Overwatch will release on PC and Mac, and is expected to go into beta later this year.