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Overwatch’s Rialto PvP map will go live on the PTR tonight

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Update, April 19: Overwatch's PvP Rialto map will go live on the PTR tonight, and is not currently available.

This morning, we reported that the PvP version of Overwatch's Rialto map was live on the PTR (see below). The map is in fact not live yet, and will be available later tonight.

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An update came through from Blizzard this morning saying that the map was live, but we have just learned that this message was sent in error.

Update, April 19: Overwatch's Rialto map is live on the PTR now.

Overwatch's new Rialto PvP map is live on the PTR, allowing you to investigate the location featured in Retribution - but during the day.

The new escort map sees you escort a payload past canals and through the cobbled streets of Venice.

Blizzard have not confirmed when the Rialto map will hit live Overwatch servers.

Original story, April 10: Overwatch’s new Rialto PvP map won’t launch until after Retribution.

Overwatch’s Retribution event launches later today, unleashing players on Rialto, a new map set in Venice. Though the event is PvE, a PvP version of Rialto is in the works, but will not launch until after Retribution finishes.

Speaking with press, Overwatch’s assistant game director, Aaron Keller, explained why we won't be seeing the PvP map for a little while.

“The PvP map is not going to launch tomorrow, it's going to hit the PTR a week or two. Then it'll come out shortly after the event finishes,” Keller says. “The reason that we're folding it is that we typically don't PTR our events but we always want to PTR our PvP maps, we think it makes the best play experience. So we're going to give the event about a week and then we're gonna put this thing up on the PTR so we can fully playtest it and make any changes that we may need to before we release it live.”

Though both maps are set in Venice and “share a common core,” they will differ in several ways. The PvE version “has spaces that are totally unique and new, and aren't in the PvP map. The PvP map, likewise, has spaces that are totally unique that aren't found in the mission map.”

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In a follow-up interview with PCGamesN, designer Adrian Finol explains that making two versions of one map has been a different experience for the dev team.

“Rialto was really fun to work on,” Finol says. “It was interesting to find a knife balance between PvE and PvP, we thought it would be interesting to play a map that is shared between those two game modes.” Apparently, we’ll be able to tell that “the timeline is a little further in the future,” presumably in the PvP version of the map, which is set in the present day.

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