It’s official – Overwatch’s lead writer confirms Alejandra isn’t Sombra


Overwatch’s lead writer has debunked a popular fan theory about Sombra.

After studying Soldier: 76’s “Hero” lore video released last year, some fans hypothesised that Alejandra, the errand girl tied up with Los Muertos robbery in the cinematic, was actually Sombra before transforming into her hacker alias.

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Writing on the official Overwatch forums, lead game writer Michael Chu debunked the theory, confirming that the Soldier 76 cinematic was set in the present day and not in the past – which essentially means there’s no way Alejandra could be Sombra.

Just to hammer it home, Chu also warned us not to take everything Sombra says at face value.

“I think it just happens with how the first shot moves across Dorado that it just misses framing the LumeriCo power plant in the background,” Chu writes on the official Overwatch forum.

“I don’t recommend trusting Sombra’s words and stories too much, but she isn’t Alejandra.”

If you were hoping he’d tell us more, I’m afraid Chu had little else to say on the matter… so it’s back to fan theories, I guess.

Women make up 16% of Overwatch’s playerbase, which means around five million female players generate over $250 million in revenue for Blizzard. Research scientist Nick Yee reckons Overwatch’s appeal is due to the setting, the diverse cast, and the powers.