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Sombra nerfs are on the way, according to Overwatch Contenders player

overwatch sombra nerfs

Sombra may be in line for some nerfs, according to a very unconfirmed report from someone who may be in the know. Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo, who plays for Overwatch contenders team Fusion University, says that Overwatch League pros have been informed by Blizzard come changes are on the way to reduce the hacking hero’s power.

Check out the full Overwatch 1.20 patch notes.

You can see the relevant clip from Lombardo’s stream below.

All this has to be taken with a few grains of salt pending anything official from Blizzard, but Sombra’s balance has been a hot topic since her changes went live in February. Her Hack ability was made faster and effective against more abilities, along with other changes intended to make her less reliant on her ult.

The results have been somewhat controversial, with casual and pro players alike having mixed responses to the new meta. A week ago, Jeff Kaplan posted a chart of win rates for offense heroes on Reddit, and it seems the recent changes have merely brought her closer in line with other heroes.

That said, Blizzard often balance as much for feel as for stats, and if players are finding Sombra frustrating to play against that’s still a topic of concern. Lombardo’s comments don’t include a timeframe or details on what the proposed nerf would involve, so we’re all here waiting for news from Papa Jeff.