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Overwatch teases "The Junkers" in a new character trailer


Blizzard's information blast continues for Overwatch, their upcoming, wonderfully bright and stylised shooter. The latest character tease is all about The Junkers, a pair of criminals who are currently enjoying an extended spree. 

Their information is shown in the style of a crime report in the trailer, with gangly explosives expert Jamison Fawkes, AKA Junkrat, shown off first. Next up is his partner in crime, the rotund, gimpy-looking Mako Rutledge, AKA Roadhog - "a remorseless killer who hides his face behind a mask."

Check out the video below:

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We should be getting more details around 6pm GMT tomorrow, so check back if you want all the Overwatch scoops. In the meantime, read Jeremy on Blizzard creating a 'real world' playground, and check out the rest of our extensive Overwatch coverage here

In other Blizzard news, the company have revealed what you'll get if you head to BlizzCon or purchase a ticket to watch the show online. Perks include a World of Warcraft Murkidan Pet, Nexus Battle Beast Mount in HoTS and more. Check out the details here.

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