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Introducing our new weekly YouTube series: Overwatch This

Overwatch This Episode 1

Overwatch is great. We all know that. It’s also being constantly updated, talked about, played competitively, and flashing bits of ankle in the form of new character teases and whatnot. So we want to tell you about all of these things – plus a bunch more!

Thus: Overwatch This, a new, weekly show where we explain and speculate on the latest happenings in one of the PC’s fastest growing games. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or play casually, or even just like to know what the biggest developers are up to, we think there’s something for you.

For a complete list of everything Blizzard have said is coming next, check our dedicated Overwatch updates post.

Here’s what we’re discussing on this week’s show:

  • An incoming Symmetra buff Jeff Kaplan discussed in a recent interview.
  • The possibility of a map editor being added to the game in the (far) future.
  • The Overwatch Open, the game’s biggest tournament so far.
  • Everything going down in the latest PTR updates.
  • What’s happening with Sombra?

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