Overwatch This episode 10: Oasis map thoughts, Christmas skins and Dreamhack Winter


Decloaking into view it’s the tenth episode of Overwatch This, talking present maps, past tournaments and future skins. We’re entering industry downtime as we head for Christmas so expect news to slow-up as big blue leave the office. There are, thank goodness, still things to discuss.

Do take a look at our predictions on Overwatch Christmas skins, we’re very accurate.

Ascending on the jump pad of discussion today:

  • Oasis is up on the PTR. It’s very nice, but the jump pad seems a little anaemic. This probably means no Symmetra rework until next year.
  • The Christmas skins and Winter datamining discussed – when will we see them? Bets are on.
  • Dreamhack Winter was this very weekend and it was rather good – what that means for the future of Overwatch eSports.

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