Overwatch This episode 19: the server browser and Bastion’s huge rework

Overwatch This episode 19

Saved by the Jeff in terms of having something to talk about this week, it’s episode 19 of Overwatch This. Overwatch patch 1.8 is now live on the PTR, bringing with it massive reworks, massive features and massive videos, like the one above.

For everything we know is coming to the game in the near future, check our regularly updated list of Overwatch updates.

Designing its own discussion game mode this week:

  • Bastion – is he the new best boy? We discuss.
  • D.Va, Mercy and a few other balance tweaks, along with that mysterious Doomfist sighting.
  • The Server Browser, which could change everything.
  • Our faces.
    • Sadly not a feature of Overwatch.

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