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Overwatch This episode 21: Efi Oladele theories, rumours, thoughts and spider-tanks

Overwatch This Episode 21

Arriving at the absolute perfect time, it’s the latest episode of Overwatch This. Not exactly a tonne going on this week is there? No big announcements or reveals. At least that was the case until last night’s arrival of Efi Oladele and her promise of a new hero – but who, what and how many legs? That’s the question in our minds and on our video.

Do keep up to date with all the latest Overwatch updates – you’ll know everything in advance.

Building their very own discussion today is:

  • Literally just Efi and all her possible outcomes.
  • A lot to dissect in that however, including the fates of Doomfist and ‘Greek’
  • Theories will develop throughout the week, keep an eye on our dedicated article to the lady herself.

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