Overwatch This episode 40: SDCC, Gamescom, BlizzCon and the future

Overwatch This episode 40

Arriving from the future with a whole brain full of delicious speculation, it’s the latest episode of Overwatch This. With a quiet week behind us and a big release ahead, we’ve spent a bit of time thinking about the future.

For more on Overwatch’s Doomfist release date, see our dedicated article on the big punchy one.

Discussion time travelling today is:

  • Doomfist will be out in a week and a bit – along with the hefty Overwatch patch 1.13.
  • SDCC is this week – will Blizzard have any announcements to make?
  • Gamescom is a month away and Blizzard will definitely be there.
  • What will we see at BlizzCon 2017?

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