Overwatch This episode six: BlizzCon Prediction Special

Overwatch This Episode 6

It’s a very special episode of Overwatch This (as if they aren’t already all special, deep down) looking at what’s coming during BlizzCon. It will be a big show for our favourite class-based FPS, and there’s a lot to go through. Plus, we chat a little about what to expect from Blizzard’s other games, because we know you like them too.

For more info on BlizzCon 2016, check our dedicated page.

Taking part in the discussion ARG today is:

  • What you’re definitely going to see at BlizzCon from Overwatch – the predictions we’re very sure on.
  • What you might see – things we think are possible, or others have predicted, but we’re not sure on.
  • The Overwatch World Cup – our thoughts on what’s happened so far and the tournament as a whole.
  • BlizzCon for other Blizzard games – a run-down of what you’re likely to see for Hearthstone, Heroes, StarCraft and others.

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