Overwatch This episode seven: BlizzCon fallout, Winter PTR and the Overwatch League

Overwatch This episode 7

Coming round again for a victory lap and ready to do battle in 1v1, it’s the seventh episode of Overwatch This. We’re back from BlizzCon with many a story to tell of 6v6 Sombra battles, interviews and hacking escapades. You can see it all above.

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Ready to make a team of three discussions for elimination today:

  • Sombra. She’s here, she’s real, she’s quite good and her reveal was excellent. Want to know how she plays? We can help you there too.
  • What we were wrong about – we don’t mind admitting it. We made some predictions and they weren’t all accurate, here’s what they were and why.
  • The Overwatch League and what it could mean – absolutely everything.
  • All of Blizzard’s other games and their reveals, plus anger from the Diablo community.

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