Overwatch This episode eight: biggest update ever, plus new modes

Overwatch This episode 8

Downloading through your eyes and into your brain like a massive game patch, it’s the eighth episode of Overwatch This. She’s been a long time coming, but Sombra is finally live, along with the biggest balance changes we’ve seen in the game. Watch us chat about those and more above. 

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Ready to be hacked straight into your mind, here are some of today’s talking points:

  • The big patch is out, so obviously we’re talking about that.
  • We’ll also be chatting competitive Overwatch, withDreamhack Winter due in a couple of weeks and also the Korean APEX league.
  • How will Sombra fit into the competitive scene?
  • We also chat1v1 and 3v3 modes, which we could see appear in smaller, unofficial tournaments, making for some exciting and varied watching.
  • There’s also more Sombra ARG. Honestly.

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