Overwatch Uprising skins, event and videos

Overwatch’s new event is live now and it’s actually called Uprising, not Insurrection as it was called in the French trailer leak. Bloody localisation. Anyway, Blizzard have quite helpfully released images of the skins, as well as clips of the emotes and victory poses. 

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Overwatch Uprising allows us all the revisit a pivotal moment in Overwatch history, letting us relive the heroes’ formative years as they battle omnics in King’s Row.

For our efforts, we’ll get special Uprising Loot Boxes filled with new skins, highlights, emotes, and sprays. The loot and the event will only be around until May 1, however.

Overwatch Uprising Arcade Game Modes


Head seven years into the past and fight omnics in King’s Row as a team of four in co-op vs AI. Scrap Null Sector robots as Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, or Mercy, working as a team against waves of metal foes. You have Morrison-era Soldier: 76 and Ana Amari giving you orders over comms, so the mode is a must-play for anyone with an interest in Overwatch lore.

Uprising Free-Play

Blizzard have also added in another Arcade card to allow players to play the Uprising Brawl as any of the 24 Overwatch heroes available. It’s not lore-friendly, but it sounds like the perfect thing to play once you’re done with the main event. Both games come with their own sets of achievements.

Overwatch Uprising Videos

Overwatch Uprising Gameplay

Here’s us playing the new PvE horde mode.

Overwatch Uprising Trailer

Here’s a quick look at what’s on offer in the limited-time event.

King’s Row Uprising Origin Story

A new animated short has released, detailing the events leading up to the new Uprising co-op mode that’s now live in the Arcade. Get a look at Null Sector and the fall of King’s Row above.

Overwatch Uprising Developer Update

Listen to “Jeff [daddy Kaplan] from the Overwatch team” talk us through all the new additions in the Uprising event, including game modes, lore, and loot.

Overwatch Uprising Skins

There are ten new skins in total for the Overwatch Uprising event, putting all your favourite heroes back in their original garb. Have a look below:

Blackwatch McCree

Ironclad Torbjorn

Null Sector Orisa

Cadet Oxton Tracer

Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy

Blackwatch Genji

Lieutenant Wilhelm Rienhardt

Null Sector Bastion

Chief Engineer Lindholm Torbjorn

Talon Widowmaker

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