Blizzard might have accidentally revealed some weapon skins coming to Overwatch

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The weapon skin tab on Overwatch is painfully empty. Sure, you can buy gold variants there, but that’s all – since coming out, it’s been benched in favour of other aspects to the game. That may be about to change, though, as some eagle-eyed folks on Reddit have spotted what looks to be new weapon skins in action.

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The Doomfist preview (which you can watch above) has a few tidbits of gameplay in it, and two weapons stand out as being new. At three minutes and 59 seconds, Soldier 76’s gun looks different, with what looks like a heating coil and two claws off the end. On top of that, Sombra’s gun is green – it doesn’t suit her skin.

Good_samartian on Reddit pointed this out, while Nyxxic has taken a couple of useful screenshots to illustrate the point. What could this mean?

Well, weapon skins are by far the most likely answer. We’ve already got gold variants as an option, so why not more? Some people are theorising new weapons for characters, as Soldier 76’s gun looks like a flamethrower, but that sounds unlikely, it would perhaps make each character’s identity fuzzy if they can begin choosing weapons to go against their initial design.

Might these be Summer Games event-related? Were they intended to be shown off here? There’s a lot of questions, not a lot of answers.

Thanks, PC Gamer and Polygon.