Overwatch on sale – 25% off base version, 33% off Origins edition, 50% off upgrade

Overwatch Winter sale

Been sat around since May wondering what the fuss is about? Assuming you have something to play it on, Overwatch is now the cheapest its been, with various discounts across its two main versions, as well as a discount on upgrading from one to the other.

For how Overwatch will change over the coming months, check our dedicated post.

Here’s the discount details:

  • Overwatch – Now $29.99 from $39.99
  • Overwatch: Origins Edition – Now $39.99 from $59.99
  • Upgrade from OW to OE – Now $9.99 from $19.99

Currently these only seem to be live in the US region, but expect them to appear elsewhere in the near future. Full details in the announcement post on the Blizzard blog.

If you’re after some personal recommendations, the Origins edition probably isn’t worth the extra ten bucks unless you play Blizzard’s other games and want those bonus items. The skins are fine, but it was Widowmaker Noire that made a pre-order worth it, and she’s sadly no longer available. Strike Commander Morrison is arguably Soldier: 76’s best skin, mind.

Also worth noting that Blizzard discounts are rare and shallow compared to what you may be used to from Steam – this is probably the best deal you’re going to get direct from big blue for quite a while. Sadly there’s still no formal gifting process, despite the name of the blog.

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