South Korea sweep gold an hour ahead of schedule in undefeated Overwatch World Cup run

South Korea Overwatch World Cup

South Korea proved that no Blizzard eSport is safe from their dominion with a clean sweep over Russia in the first Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon, winning 4-0 over an hour ahead of the final’s schedule.

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Since the start of the group stages last weekend, South Korea have not lost a single game and in the grand finals themselves failed to drop even a single map to their Russian adversaries.

South Korea’s tank player,Gong’Miro’Jin Hyuk, was crowned MVP of the World Cup with some outstanding Winston play, earning himself a direct invite to the Overwatch League Combine when it takes place next year.

The Overwatch League, announced at BlizzCon’s opening ceremony yesterday, will feature the best players in the world invited to a scouting combine for teams to draft from for the upcoming competitive season.

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