The second live event of the Overwatch World Cup kicks off in Sydney this weekend

overwatch world cup australia

This weekend sees the Overwatch World Cup come to Sydney, Australia. Over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there will be 21 hours of games played, which will determine who from Groups C and D will participate in the main event in Anaheim this November.

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According to the Overwatch World Cup website, this is the schedule for the weekend:

  • Friday 21 July, 00:00 GMT – 06:00 GMT
  • Saturday 22 July, 00:00 GMT – 06:00 GMT
  • Sunday 23 July, 00:00 GMT – 09:00 GMT

If you can’t make it down to Sydney this weekend then you can instead watch all the games on the official Overwatch Twitch channel.

This is what you can expect from the event:

You can see the breakdown of the weekend’s games here:

In Group C you have Australia, Italy, Portugal, and Sweden. Group D is made up of Finland, Japan, Spain, and Vietnam.