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USA and Canada head to Overwatch World Cup finals

The USA and Canada have qualified for the Overwatch World Cup Top 8 finals, which will be held at BlizzCon in November.

Last weekend saw three days of Overwatch action, in which the two North American teams emerged on top. Both squads went undefeated until the final match, in which Canada was defeated by USA. The US squad won top seeding in their group, meaning that they will avoid facing strong favourites, South Korea in the Top 8. South Korea qualified in the first group stage alongside Finland.

Brazil held their own, beating Norway and Sweden to claim the third place spot. Other contenders in the USA group stage included Austria, Norway, and Switzerland who have all been knocked out of the competition.

The group stage will continue this weekend in Thailand, with China, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, Spain, and Denmark battling it out for a shot at competing at BlizzCon. The UK’s chance for glory will come on the last weekend of September when the final group stage will be held at Paris’ Espace Grande Arche. France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Poland will also compete in this stage.

All teams in the final will receive $90,000, meaning that the top spot is largely for bragging rights. Players who are not currently signed to an Overwatch League team may also be gunning for a spot on one of the 8 new teams joining the roster for 2019.

The teams that have now been confirmed include Atlanta, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, DC. These franchises are now free to sign new players, with the majority expected to be scouted from the Overwatch World Cup. Overwatch League teams have also been given the option for two-way players. Teams may designate select players who can compete on both Overwatch League and Contenders rosters, provided the Contenders roster is affiliated with a league team.