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Overwatch’s Brigitte just got even more OP with this jump trick

Overwatch’s most controversial hero, Brigitte, is whipping up trouble again. This time it’s due to a trick that lets her cover an excessive distance with her jump.

It turns out, that if you jump, shield bash and use Brig’s rocket flail in quick succession, you can cover a lot of ground very quickly. When utilized from an elevated surface the effect is compounded, essentially allowing you to launch yourself to platforms that were previously unreachable.

Brig is undeniably the most versatile support hero in the game, acting as a mini-tank as well as a healer and dealing considerable damage at close-range.  This newly discovered trick has far-reaching implications for Brig’s movement. Given that her cooldowns remain very short, it will be easier than ever to disrupt your enemy team’s set-up by launching in and using her shield bash to stun enemy players.

Brigitte has been the subject of a fair amount of ire in the Overwatch community for being allegedly overpowered and this latest revelation is unlikely to do anything positive for the Swedish warrior’s reputation.

The so-called rocket jump would be especially useful on maps like Junkertown, where Brigitte is now capable of quickly launching to the high ground in front of the payload, where teams typically set up a Bastion. This particular use-case was demonstrated by arek2597, the Twitch streamer who discovered the move. In the clip, you can see his friends calling the technique a game-changer, and we find it hard to disagree.

It does seem likely that the technique is unintentional on the part of the developers, and now that it has come to light we expect it to be removed in the next patch. Before this happens though, this looks like it could be a really effective way of throwing your opponents off-guard while playing Brigitte. Just don’t get too attached to this new rocket jump, and expect to see a lot of ‘wtf’s in the text chat if you can pull it off.