Overwatch’s new trailer reintroduces the heroes in style

Overwatch theatrical trailer

While Overwatch’s beta takes a short break, you can console yourself – especially if you didn’t get in – by watching the new theatrical trailer, title ‘We Are Overwatch’. 

Like most Blizzard trailers, it’s a striking trailer, but it’s also thick with cheese. If that’s your cup of tea, direct your squishy orbs of sight toward it, below. 

The trailer is lovely, sure, but I’m far more entertained by the YouTube comments. Yes, it’s always a shame when you very much want something – like access to a beta – but don’t get it, but crikey these self-entitled folk are taking their embarrassing lack of self-awareness to new levels.

YouTube comments, right? What should we expect? But I think this is also a symptom of a change in how betas work. They used to be exclusively for the purposes of testing a game, but now they’re as much a marketing ploy that developers and publishers frequently make use of throughout a game’s development.

From paid alphas and Early Access phases to the prevalence of open betas, if you want to play a game before launch now, you’re probably going to be able to. And the more people are pandered to – at least the type of people who get upset when they don’t get their own way – then the greater their expectations are.

Blizzard expects to launch the next beta phase early in 2016.